Ronda 753

Ronda 753 Quartz Movement

The Ronda 753 Quartz Movement is a part of the RONDA normtech collection. It is Swiss Made and designed for Analogue display watches.

Movement Specifications: Height: 2.5 mm; Width: 5½”’, 13.00×15.15 mm;
Functions: 3 hands

Product Specifications: Type: Analog Quartz Movement; Line: normtech; Caliber: 753; Size: 5½”’
Version Swiss Made: 5 jewels / gold plated EOL
Version Swiss Parts: 1 jewel / nickel plated
Standard battery life: 27 months
High battery life: 36 months
Standard hand fitting height: 1
Functions: 3 hands
Features: Repairable metal watch movement; Many high hand heights available; Power saving mechanism with pulled out stem: Reduction of consumption approximately 70%.