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Emile Chouriet Watches

At the end of the 17th century, many skilled craftsmen fled from France to Switzerland and made Geneva their home. The city, known as the “cradle of watchmaking” at the time, attracted large numbers of learned and skilled watchmakers. Another one of these artisan watchmakers was a gentleman by the name of EMILE CHOURIET. Near the famous Place de la Fusterie in Geneva stood his small atelier, where he dedicated himself to watchmaking research. And so the legend of the manufacture, EMILE CHOURIET Watches, was born.

Jean Depery, with a background in micro-engineering, established his own watch brand in Geneva in 1998. He drew inspiration from his ancestor, Francois Dagobert Depery, himself a manufacturer of watch parts in the 17th century. Furthermore, he named his new watch brand after one of his ancestor’s main customers, the Master Watchmaker Emile Chouriet.

EMILE CHOURIET Watches is a luxury Swiss Made watch brand and is based in Meyrin, the north-western suburb of Geneva. The manufacture develops timeless watches that combine the finesse and elegance of contemporary design. Furthermore, the manufacture selected the winged sceptre as its official logo, highlighting the brand’s vision of time and its dedication to quality.

EMILE CHOURIET Watches have a varied collections range Ladies watches and Men’s watches from dress watches to luxury watches set with diamonds in 18K Gold. In addition, from sports watches to contemporary designs with stunning complications including Moonphase, Tourbillion & Minute Repeater models. The manufacture achieved the final step to becoming a fully independent watchmaker with the development of their own in-house designed mechanical movement. This includes the Balance Wheel and the Hairspring. We have a variety of Exquisite Emile Chouriet Men’s watches and Ladies watches in stock.

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