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EPOS Watches

Peter Hofer established the EPOS Watches brand in 1983. His mission was to be a guardian of the traditional values and high standards of Switzerland’s rich history of horology. This Alpine nation built this unique reputation over centuries of excellence producing Swiss Made Luxury Watches & Swiss Made Automatic Watches.  This is in thanks to the pioneering spirit and sense of perfection of the nation’s watchmakers. Hence the watchmaking heritage is the most famous in the world. Peter Hofer achieved this by mandating that the brand would specifically produce Swiss Made Ladies’ Watches & Swiss Made Men’s Watches fitted exclusively with mechanical movements.


The EPOS Watches brand design and develop their Swiss Made Luxury Watches and Swiss Made Automatic Watches with the same passion and precision to this day. In addition, focus and attention to detail, together with an artistic flair remain the core principles of the company. Thereby creating some amazing Swiss Made Ladies’ Watches & Swiss Made Men’s Watches. Furthermore, the company’s watchmakers assemble and finish all their watches with the utmost care in their factory. The location of their factory is in Lengnau, a municipality in the Biel (or Bienne) administrative district. This in the canton of Bern, the capital city of Switzerland.

The heart of each EPOS watch is its mechanical movement. The basic mechanisms come from renowned Swiss manufacturers including ETA and Sellita.  The watchmakers then transform the mechanical movements by adding special functions and stunning decorations. Many designs include modules designed and developed in-house, such as the EPOS Verso modification and the EPOS Big Moon complication. The brand offers high-quality mechanical watches with interesting functions, finished with loving care and according to the traditional Swiss watchmakers’ heritage. Evidently, they deserve their moniker: Artistry in Watchmaking.

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