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Dive Watches

For everyone from the most passionate watch collector to the total watch novice. One of the most popular timepiece category is Dive watches. This is a part of the Sports Watch category and are used to keep track of time spent underwater. The deeper you go the less visibility you have. Luminescent minute markers will ensure you’ll be accurately tracking the time and are designed for the best readability possible underwater. Most brands have specific models of both Men’s Watches & Ladies Watches. Furthermore most Swiss Made Luxury Watch brands also have a good range of dive watches.

The ISO 6425 standard defines dive watches: Magnetic resistance, shock resistance, chemical resistance, and of course 100m+ of water resistance. All of these features make for a robust, durable, and accurate watch, whether above or under the surface.

The essential feature of this type of Sports Watch is a measuring system for time spent underwater. This feature comes in the form of a 60-minute unidirectional bezel. The bezel must also incorporate a five-minute marker for more precise measurement. Other advanced models also help determine the divers’ depth, which is extremely helpful for scuba divers.

Buying a dive watch can be hard. No matter if it’s your first one or if you’re just looking for another to add to the collection. Probably the most popular style of watch on the planet, which might seem strange because most people who own one will probably never actually take it into the water. The Swiss Made Luxury Watch brands are all producing an impressive range of Ladies’ watches & Men’s watches in the category.

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